Envisioning the End

Some time was lost in the process of not starting immediately on the poll answer and results page as we wanted to have a better picture of how we wanted the layout to look like. Turns out that after much (or very little) thought, we decided to just go straight to the bootstrap elements and forget bout any further fancy ideas until at least getting the views up.

In the process, I discovered a couple great nifty tools for dealing with design interfaces:

While it provides real-time code collaboration, I was more concerned with the live preview as I can copy over snippets of html or the angular scripts to see if they work on templates that we were abstracting from the documentations provided.

I liked Easel for what it was: straight up user interfaces that I could grab code from for use directly. But the use case here is unfortunately limited since we had to do things the Angular way, and too much of this CSS stuff was in the way. Furthermore, it was painful to be learning the interface and the dragging and dropping just for me to come up with a design I could be happy with. Maybe in future I would find better luck for this.

I took the time to also prepare for the first milestone by doing a log cleanup on our spreadsheet. May is coming to an end after all.