iCreate Mobility Challenge 2014

Somewhere along the way in July (after the second milestone), Jon decided to submit our project for the iCreate Mobility Challenge 2014, which was an NUS based mobile application development competition organised by the Computer Centre and sponsored by Microsoft BizSpark, M1, and People’s Association, just to name a few. I didn’t think that we were qualified to begin with, and I honestly didn’t think much of our project, which was essentially just a polling service. We later found out that there was already an existing company built on the idea.

Having neither a business plan for it (c’mon honestly, it was a summer project done to clear credits) nor was our web application a ‘real’ mobile application, I honestly wasn’t expecting this:

iCreate 2014 Award Presentation Ceremony

I would not try to justify or claim that these are the reasons why we won 3rd place, but going through with this taught me a couple of things:

You will never know until you try

Self-judgment does not give your product value. Other people’s judgment and perception of your product do.

A friend used to joke about this with a story: Let’s say some higher power wishes to reward you, you would probably want to make it easier for him to do so by buying a lottery ticket.

Only this time, it doesn’t just boil down to pure luck. You have worked on a product, and even if you don’t think much about it, someone else probably does. And when they do…

Appearances are all that matter very important

Feedbaker needed some marketing, and I had to do a pitch on its use-cases and features. When it comes to selling something, appearances matter a lot. Things that look better always get more attention than things that don’t (what applies in dating applies everywhere). This however, does not mean that dressing junk up nicely means that it’s going to sell.

There are just too many things that we worked hard to build upon this factor: our User Interface, colour schemes, layouts, posters. I had to also work on myself.

When people want to support/buy an idea, they are not buying just the product, they are paying for the person behind the idea.
It’s an entire package. Really.

Once again, I’d like to thank the organisers for this opportunity and the many people who have supported our project.